A step closer to retirement

You are retirement planning for 1-5 years time but don't want to retire fully just yet. MVP can invest in your business to release past of your capital value now whilst planning for the future too.

01Equity release now

Release equity in your business so you can enjoy some of your well earned cash in the lead up to your retirement.

02Winding down

Winding down without clocking off! Let MVP support you running your brokerage in the latter years of your working career.

03Retirement planning

You can plan your retirement and exit plans with a pre-agreed (but movable) retirement date. Stay in full control of your business.


RETIREMENT PLANNINGGradual equity release from your insurance brokerage.

Part equity release now. Full equity release in 1-5 years. Start planning your retirement today and unlock your capital.

Why wait until you fully retire to enjoy the fruits of your labour? Selling a minority share in your brokerage ensures you have cash to enjoy your last few years of work. Exotic holidays? Sports car for the garage? Holiday home even? Whatever you use the cash for, even if you safe it for a rainy day, MVP can invest in your business and release equity early for you.

MVP can support you in the lead up to retirement. With our industry expertise and access to insurance schemes, we aim to recreate the same level of earnings within 3 years. If successful, you’ll actually have a bigger retirement pot than you thought originally and along the way, MVP can quietly assist in the running of your business and facilitate the final sale.

Success rate of growth
Average equity purchased
Unwavering committment

RETIREMENT PLANNINGMVP can buy a minority share in your brokerage now, support you in future strategy and growth, and through our connections facilitate a sale at an attractive multiple in the future.

With an investment from MVP, you stay in control of your business. You can take any advice and support from us as little or as often as you wish.

RETIREMENT PLANNINGLet MVP help you realise your retirement goals.

Enjoy some of your capital and equity early. Together, we can grow the business and your final equity at exit could be the same or more than pre-MVP.

Look forward to your retirement in confidence. Take a well earned investment into your business now  and enjoy spending your capital earlier than planned.

Many insurance brokers now want to enjoy their last few years working with some money in their pocket. Why wait until full retirement to enjoy the proceeds of building a great business?


WHAT WE DOWe make it easy


Look to the future but enjoy some capital today. You deserve it.


Release some capital immediately to pay off mortgage debt or simply enjoy yourself!


Partner with MVP to help grow your business towards final exit and sale.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

MVP have helped many insurance brokers with their sales and marketing strategy. Use our expertise to grow your market share in existing markets and explore potential new markets.