We help you release equity and grow your business.

MVP typically makes an investment of 10-30% in your business and supports the management team, who continue to run and grow the business. We aim to help you grow to the same level of earnings within 3 years.

There are 3 reasons why insurance brokers may want to release equity/capital from their business.
You maybe an insurance broker wanting to retire in 1-5 years who wishes to release some equity early for lifestyle purposes or a holiday home perhaps?
Use MVP's industry expertise to help you grow faster with advice, new schemes and enhanced commissions. We can also assist you in future insurance broker acquisitions.
You may want to release equity to buy out existing shareholders, whilst also benefitting from MVP's proven track record of growing your capital value for the future.

FUTURE PLANSCapitalise further on your hard work to date. Lets plan together for your future exit and capital.

MVP can assist you deliver your future growth plans and develop a robust strategy for success. Ensuring you capitalise fully on the final value of your insurance brokerage.

YOUR FUTUREDeliver part of your future today. Release some equity. Stay in control. Grow further, faster.

Allowing MVP to take a minority share as two clear and compelling advantages.

You take a guaranteed lump sum of capital out of your business to use as you please. You may be buying out a shareholder / business partner. You may want to buy a bigger property or pay off your mortgage. Why wait until retirement to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour?

Selling a minority stake ensures you remain in full control. Our insurance brokers have complete piece of mind they are the key decision makers and MVP sit in the background offering as much or as little support as you’d like.

THINK BIGTwo bites of the cherry.

Despite selling a minority share, we are confident that together we can grow your business substantially, meaning in reality you recoup the % you sold (and even more) within three years.

“Two bites of the cherry” is how one of our insurance brokers described it!”

Release equity now
Grow the business further
Sales and Marketing support
Second equity release at final sale/exit

Let's work together

Let's grow further. Faster.